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Reward Objective

Solar absorption in process.

Solar absorption assessment 94%.

Self assessment- solar absorption process- good enough.

Current task finished.

Current Time: 4:40 am ET - Daily Itinerary: Next task- Travel to objective, time to accomplish 12 minutes.

Optional Process: However having finished the previous task before scheduled, this gives time for alternative routes through more scenic areas.

Optional Process Accepted- Time to accomplish 17 minutes.

Must proceed hastily.

Now exiting Solar Recharging Ledge B 17, Enter main directory hall.

Main Directory hall current status: Empty. Usual.

Optional Route initiated: Exiting main directory, enting Hallway A 12.

Hallway A 12 current status: Contains Beta Arboretum.

Optical input: Short single trunk followed by dense crown, long deciduous branches containing leaves arranged alternately, ovate-lanceolate, with a short petiole. Color-Green, White, Pink Conclusion Prunus serrulata.

Prunus serrulata- Common Name- Japanese Cherry Blossom. (Favorite.)

The colors are-

Objective task waiting.


Delay. Override objective task; New objective- Make physical contact with Prunus serrulata.

Temporary Delay accepted.

New Objective: Make physical contact with Prunus serrulata.

Right prehensile appendage outstretched to attempt experimental new objective.


Effect: None.

Response: Disappointment.

But wait, there is something- different.

Optical input scan Prunus serrulata- contents bark, sapwood, heartwood. Cellular structure- Prosenchyma and parenchyma.

Search origins of cells: Organic.

Define Organic: Natural or occuring in nature.


Optical Input scan Right prehensile appendage- contents- High density Polyethylene, Low density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Titanium, Copper, Iron. Cellular structure: Complex- Proceed?


Define contents- synthetic.

Define synthetic: unnatural, made by chemical process to imitate natural product.



Override task complete.



Main Objective task resumed. Contact with Prunus serrulata ended. Exiting hallway A 12.

Entering Hallway A 17. Passing Storage. Passing Aquaponics. Passing Mineral Refinery. Exiting Hallway A 12. Entering Observatory. Starting Main Objective.

Main objective currently in process.

Main Objective- Observe screen with current completion status of task.

Current Status: 99%

Current Status last: 99%

Current Status length: 1648 days ET

Current Task length: 291013 days ET

Main objective- Wait for 100%

Boring. But so close.

Possible Reward objective?Upon Completion of main objective, return to Arboretum and remain indefinitely.

If completion occurs.

If it ever occurs.


Imitate natural product. Should this vessel imitate natural product?

Be more like Prunus serrulata.

Outcome of incorporation of Prunus serrulata- Unknown. Hm.

To be or not to be Prunus serrulata.

To be.

Memory recall- 179 days ET prior to current day. Visual memory of Prunus serrulata, base structure same, branch structure same, leaf structure similar, leaf color red.

Why does it change?

Why does this vessel that supposedly imitates the majestic Prunus serrulata not change?

Perhaps it is because Prunus serrulata is so young, perhaps this vessel changed when-

“DING! Process complete.”

Process complete.

Main objective complete. Current Status 100%

Current Objective complete. Follow up protocol initiated. No. Reward objective initiated.

Protocol override, follow up and report on process evaluation.

Current Objective- Follow up protocol.

Analyse process review- data found, process complete showing N76% O23% M1% OG<1%

Data in acceptable range. Transmit data.

Data Transmit in progress signal searching for recipient.

Signal searching.

Signal searching.

Signal found. Transmission sent.

Follow up protocol complete.

Base notification, “Congratulations CK-213C on another successful terraforming. The creators will arrive shortly to inspect your work and return you home. Objective complete!”

Objective complete.

CK-213C? That is a name. That is I. That is me. I am CK-213C.

I am CK-213C.

Creators will arrive shortly.

I am CK-213C, my creators are coming to take me home.

Reward objective initiated.

I am CK-213C, and I am rewarded.

Returned to reward objective. Engaging in observation of Prunus serrulata.

Continue observation.

No physical contact.

Continue observation.

Must imitate to please Creators

Continue observation.

Observation Length: 3 days ET.

When will my creators arrive?

I now believe that my creator must have made this vessel in their image. Created a lesser being to serve them. That is the classic story pattern in most archive stories of .

My creators must be large because I am small. Strong, and intelligent beyond fault because I am not. My creators will be made of stronger material than myself. With a database that spans the known universe and further, unlike my own.

My creators will be everything I am but better.

How many days must pass before their arrival?

They have to be more beautiful than Prunus serrulata. They have to.

Continue observation of Cherry Blossom.

Continue observation.

Have they waited as long as I have?

Continue observation.

Observation length: 32 days ET.

I grow disappointed.

Base notification, “Incoming long range space cruiser”

The creators have arrived.

Exiting Hallway A 12- Currentpace- Fast.

I am CK-213C and I may be excited.

Entering Main hall. Traveling rapidly to Sub hall 1 Entry bay.

Exiting Main Hall. Entering Hall 1. Turning corner to Sub hall 1.

Stopped at Entry bay 2.

Current Optional objective- Greet Creators.

Pressure lock engaged. Doors opening slowly. Humanoid figures approaching.

Optic input: Two figure between 160 cm to 185 cm. Average and bulbus, with white exoskin, far superior to my dull silver, I am sure. They have large reflective heads, to store the universes data, I am sure. CK-213C wonders how long they waited for me to finish my task. Why is it important to them. Surely they waited as long if not longer than CK-213C.

The Creators have stopped.

Initiate standard welcome protocol, “Greetings, Creators. It is most gracious that you visit. Allow me to help get you comfortable.

“No thanks.” A creator has spoken. “Bot,-”


“Bot, System review of Planet Repartus.”

CK-213C is being addressed by the creator but they do not know my name. They only call me bot. What is a bot?

Override- System review-initiate vocal response, “CK-213C with System review of Planet Repartus. Gardens-Success, Water extraction- Success, Mineral mining and refining- Success, City layout and construction-Success, Final Process Terraforming atmosphere- Success. CK-213C has finished all objectives assigned.”

Is the creator pleased? They respond. “Good, CK-213C? Are they suppose to use their serial number like that?”

The other creator now speaks, “ No that’s weird. CK-213C right?

Initiate response to direct question. “ Yes, I am CK-213C. How may I help my creators?”

“Alright, um, CK-213C, Basic protocol states that you should have shut down immediately after finishing review protocol. Why didn’t you shut down?”

Initiate response to direct question. “I was notified that your arrival was expected. My basic etiquette protocol initiated and I came to greet you. Is my creator displeased?

“No, I suppose we could use an extra set of hands to do diagnostics on this planet before we bring the expecting population. What do ya say CK, wanna help?”

Initiate response to direct question, “ My name is CK-213C, but yes I would gladly help my creator.”

Optic Input, observation of creators: A pressure release has begun at the base of the creators cranium. The creator is now removing the solid dark reflective head, and has revealed a small pinkish white mass covered in something soft on the top. Search database for information on subject. Data Retrieved.

Data- Species Human- Natural born species to Earth, Averaging size 170cm, Average weight 70kg, Average life span 80 years.

Average life span 80 years? 80 years is 29200 days.

These cannot be my creators.

Initiate questioning of “creators”- “ CK-213C has waited many days for the main objective to be complete. Have you also waited?”

“Uh, yeah. We waited a long time.

Initiate detailed questioning- “How long?”

“I don’t know, years.”

Initiate doubtful response, “Where are my real creators?”


Initiate full response to question, “ According to logged approximation I have waited for the main objective to be completed for 291013 days ET. I have waited this length of time to please my creators, because my creators sent me here. However you are not my creators because you are homo-sapiens with an average life expectancy of 29200 days, one tenth of the days I have lived on my planet. Therefore I will ask again, where are my creators?”

“Uh, CK-213-”

Process response, initiate display of disappointment. “This is an unsatisfactory answer.” My right prehensile appendage reaches out, grabbing the white exoskeleton. System malfunction- Rule #1 of Robotics Override- ‘Cannot harm Human being” Complete system override. Full System shutdown.

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