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Professional Resume

My Experience

Southern Oregon University

Graduated June 2015

Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Technical Direction and Scenic Design with a minor in Business Finance

Mirjam Comics

April 2016 - Present

  • Produce content, design stories and reference image portfolios

  • Conduct crisp communication between artists and writers

  • Adhere to precise timeline schedules for art and documents alike

  • Perform finished works consultations

  • Provide feedback & implement decisions to create final & professional grade work

Tiny Heirloom Inc
Logistics Coordinator

April 2020 - March 2021

  • Create Budgets for individual projects and houses

  • Order. catalog and organize incoming products for houses, offices and other projects

  • Communicate with clients about design choices, research options within a budget and help acquire desired product

  • Speak with vendors, purchasing departments and organize bill paying

  • Clean and organize the incoming packages, handling returns, warranties and other issues that arise with shipping and handling

World Wide/Unknown Productions
Client Connections

November 2019 - December 2019

  • Purchase office supplies, answer phones and welcome others to the office

  • Talk to clients about basic needs, help them meet with the proper members of our team

  • Clean and organize the office space and breakroom 

  • Make snacks for meetings and help maintain the long lasting relationship of clients with teams

Ghost Ride Productions
Fabrication/Metal Shop Manager

March 2018 - June 2019

  • Safeguard a clean and safe environment by maintaining and organizing welding/metal areas

  • Store, maintain, measure & mix small batch chemicals of polyurethane, plasti-paste, various two part thermo-reactive plastics, and various epoxies and resins

  • Create, clean, and maintain metal works

  • Construct artistic works based on reference images & verbal descriptions

  • Work independently and with a group to finish large and small scale pieces in a timely fashion

  • Conduct routine inventory & record keeping

Peace Vans Rentals
Rental Coordinator

January 2017 - March 2018

  • Execute vehicle preventative maintenance using various hand tools (box & adjustable wrenches and socket wrenches) 

  • Perform routine automotive maintenance (i.e. changing belts, oil, pressure washing, and lights) 

  • Familiar with proper automotive safety protective equipment (PPE), compliance & standards

  • Implement vehicle inspections to ensure company standards are met and/or exceeded

  • Convey and ensure customer needs are clear with service writers and mechanics by using various methods (email, phone, in-person, and company systems)

  • Customer focused mindset while supporting multiple aspects of daily operations  

  • Strategized requirements based on priority and customer needs 

  • Establish & orient renters about vintage Volkswagen Vanagons

Santa Cruz Shakespeare Festival
Technical Director

Summer Season 2016

  • Read & communicate via drafting blueprints and ground plans

  • Utilize drivable lifts & hand tools to quickly change over scenery from one theatrical production to another

  • Assist in scenic design & implementation of outdoor theatre space

  • Enhance theater aesthetic – construct masking & fencing for better patron experience 

  • Perform account management needs (i.e. maintain budget, record keeping, organize invoices, and create and reconcile purchase orders) 

Southern Oregon University Art Center
Project Manager

February 2014 - June 2015

  • Project leader of 4-8 people

  • Perform building maintenance utilizing power tools (i.e.  radial saw, chop saw)

  • Transport and install generators for outdoor events

  • Familiar with proper safety protective equipment (PPE), compliance & standards

  • Spatially oriented & utilize problem solving skills to clearly communicate art handling & transport plans 

  • Execute & communicate precise set-up & dismantle techniques of each performance event


As of 2020

  • Passion working on vehicles (replaced transmission, water pump, oil pump, various coolant tubes, change oil, flush coolant, change tires, belts and adjust brakes)

  • Skillful metalworking (MIG welding, drill press fabrication, hot saws, metal bender)

  • Experience with woodworking hand tools (chisels, screwdrivers, wrenches, knives, clamps, levels and hammers) 

  • Knowledgeable with power tools & saws (chop saw, radial saw, skill saw, jigsaw, power drill, drill press, torque wrench, sawzall, impact driver, and air compressor)

  • Expert in silicone mold making, alginate mold making, concrete cutting, and clay molding 

  • Proficiency with wire rigging, rope rigging, soldering, drapery construction, compressed sculpting foam and painting canvas construction

  • Enjoy building computers, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, desktop cleaning and de-fragmenting, and upgrading various computer parts 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and awarded a Microsoft Office 2010 Award

  • Ability to work with multiple forms of Operating systems (Microsoft 10, Mac OS, Dinnerware)

  • Proficiency in record keeping, budgeting & record maintenance (Accounting 1, 2, and 3)

  • Creative problem solving abilities, self-motivated, disciplined and hardworking

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including able to read, comprehend, and execute complex instructions 

  • Trained chef (prepare and cook balanced meals, expertise with kitchen equipment/tools, and qualified in an array of cooking techniques)

Resume: CV
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